2003: The origins

Cinetix, originally Cinetix Telecom Solutions, was established in 2003 by a passionate team of experienced IT and Electronics engineers applied to the Telecommunications. The company immediately distinguishes itself according to the expertise and originality of the solutions provided to its customers, becoming rapidly a supplier of the main italian telecom provider Telecom Italia and starting an important ongoing professional relationship.

2009: X-Poles™ and Oxys Solutions

In the fervent and exciting atmosphere of Cinetix and through the close collaboration with the Engineering Departments of the Universities of Trento and Padua, the Team developed in 2009 the X-Poles™ (CXI-PT5500), which is a special device designed for the inspection and maintenance of the wooden poles installed in Telecommunications and Power (Electrical) Networks. The non-invasive technology and ease of use have soon attracted the attention of national and international operators. From this experience was estabilished Oxys Solutions, whose mission is creating innovative non-destructive structural analysis systems.

2010-2013: Business diversification

In order to develop and expand its business, the company decided to target high-specialized niche markets, focusing on its team added-values and skills to provide always new solutions and products to the customers,

Other companies were established in these years:

  •        Microtel Innovation which designs and provides innovative solutions, to support and improve the Network Monitoring Processes;
  •        Phox Industrial Plants which designs industrial automation systems. It is highly specialized in automated galvanic plants;
  •        Phox Design & Engineering which provides highly customized industrial design services;
  •        Innovie which proposes technology and services for sustainable mobility, addressed to companies, institutions, organizations and associations that want to offer to their employees or customers innovative and efficient transportation services.

Today, the Group collects various entrepreneurial and engineering identities that, in a unitary logic, promote the group’s international development.

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