Network Visibility solutions

Microtel Innovation has been working in the Telecom market since 1982 and it is now a leading provider of TDM and IP Network Visibility solutions. Microtel has developed an ongoing working relationship with Telecom Operators, Service Providers and Enterprises.

Microtel Innovation’ core business is to create a highly efficient Monitoring Access Solutions, to deliver superior Network Monitoring customer experience. To achive these goals, we provide several type of equipment, which can aggregate, filter, replicate data links, whether 1G or 100G, in order to feed the monitoring tools.

The company products portfolio includes Network Packet Brokers, TAPs, SS7 to IP converters (Ethernizer), Groomers and Replicators. In particular, the Ethernizer is a unique product, which enables IP probes to monitor TDM links, making possible to excise the old high TDM probes costs.

The global trend is an exponential increasing of traffic featured by the growth of number and speed of data links, for these reasons more and more clients choose Microtel Innovation to optimize their Network Monitoring and Security Systems, reducing the number of tools and cutting down OPEX.

Microtel Innovation

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