Industrial Design

Phox Design & Engineering is the Cinetix Group’s industrial design studio. We created a team with different kind of experiences, with people who had the chance to approach the production chain from many points of view.

The services offered cover the whole process of designing an industrial product:

Design – The idea of the product get shaped to guarantee aesthetics and functionality. The product must comunicate its values. Planning for the long term, we develop entire product lines able to leave a recognized signature for the brand’s prestige.

Industrialization – Technical and productional choices are made, renders become 3d projects and they are industrialized. Phox can also assist customers when choosing providers and planning the production.

Testing and Prototyping – When needed we also do FEM analysis to verify products’ resistance. We build prototypes to test the products on thei field.

Phox Design & Engineering

Phox Design

Via Armentera, 8
38051 Borgo Valsugana (TN)

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