Omnichannel Contact Center Solutions

Necsy is a company that has worked for over thirty years in the Information Communication Technology market, where it has always distinguished itself for product performance, flexibility of solutions and reliability of services.

The technical expertise of our engineers has developed over the years, thanks to the experience gained in complex multinational organizations where the company has found itself working and collaborating with numerous partners, a leader in the ICT market. The precious “seniority” that has emerged, alongside young talents, assures competence and capability in the realization of Contact Center and software solutions aimed at making the processes of interaction between the company and its customers, partners and collaborators an element badge and a key to success.

To Enterprise Enterprise Companies, we are proposing you as a partner to deliver Customer Interaction Management and omnichannel Contact Center solutions as a factor in a Customer Experience strategy.

We also collaborate with the leading Telcos and Utilities companies, for which we create custom software solutions, App and Web App for mobile, integrated with legacy environments, for managing and automating operating processes, within Creation, Delivery and Assurance.



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