Products and Solutions for Telecommunications Network Providers

Cinetix Telecom Solutions was established in 2003 by a team of managers and engineers with twenty years experience in the Telecommunications industry. Due to its remarkable knowledge and innovative products the young company rapidly became a supplier of Telecom Italia, the main national telecom operator, starting an ongoing professional relationship, which helped Cinetix to achieve always new goals and businesses in Italy and abroad.

Cinetix Telecom Solutions provides to telecom operators:

  • a complete family of products and applications for Traffic and Quality Monitoring;
  • xDSL Network Access Testing solutions;
  • special devices for Timing and Synchronization of SDH and IP networks;

Thanks to its expertise the Cinetix team manages complex projects from the start-up to the deployment, working as system integrator and customizing, if necessary, both devices and software applications.

Cinetix Telecom Solutions

Cinetix Srl

Via Armentera, 8
38051 Borgo Valsugana (TN)

P.IVA CF 04108170962

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