Non-Destructive Structural Analysis systems

Oxys Solutions developed CXI-PT5500, an innovative measuring device which provides an objective, quick and non-invasive evaluation of the wooden poles static conditions. It is patended in Italy n.: 0001399013, in the U.S. n.: US 8,630,813 B2, European Patent Nr.: EP 2 350 637 B1.

It allows Energy and Telecom Operators to perform efficient, accurate and cost effective pole inspections in order to simplify Operation and Maintenance. CXI-PT5500 stores and maps (on- and offline) data, related to the physical and geographical pole structure.

It also run an automatic synchronization to database and data management systems, through 2G / 3G data connection and/or through LAN. It is possible the Data broadcast, via Bluetooth, to the operator’s smart devices.

The result of the CXI-PT5500 measure is a number, the pole Strength Assessment (SA), which is an objective valuation of the pole Residual Strength (in lbs. or KN).

CXI-PT5500 is distributed by Vonaq Ltd.


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