Sustainable Mobility

Innovie was established in 2013 from an innovative business idea: namely developing mobility and transport solutions for companies and organizations, which are interested into efficient and cheaper transport services for their employees, customers or affiliates.

To meet these flexibly requirements, Innovie has brought 2 new solutions onto the market:

  • A family of sustainable mobility solutions, which is immediately suitable and available,
    e.g. Flootta carpooling suite, which is already operative in some Italian regions, under commuting or to provide tourist transport services;
  • A flexible technological platform that allows to create special projects customized on the specific needs of a single customer;

Among the several solutions, the most remarkable is “I-Bus Voice”, designed to inform visually impaired people about the urban and extra-urban bus traffic conditions. This solution has already been used in the Province of Trento.

Trentino Trasporti Esercizio S.p.a in Karlsruhe (Germany), at the event “IT trends and innovations for public transport” has introduced it as one of the most innovative projects for sustainable mobility.

Inno.vìe Srl

Inno.vìe Srl

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